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Originally Posted by freshnsoclean View Post

Today sucked. Now that my clinic is over I went to open hockey. Well there wasn't that many people there (3) and I was the only goalie. No scimmage, just shooting around. Some former Euro player just worked me. I believe in tough competition makes you better, but right now I'm in confidence building mode. EVERYONE just wants to line up break away after break away after break away. It's not what I wanted and I was just getting worked and got me extremely fatigued. This Euro dude had a wicked shot. Hit me in my exposed arm (already huge bruise) in the same damn spot. Then he skulled me twice. I was getting pissed because he ONLY shot high. His shots were very quick and I started to flinch/blink. I knew that was a ****** sign. I didn't want to get hit in the upper arm again and I don't mind the face as much but it impacted me. I just skated away and worked on slides and T's by myself. Once I recovered I asked the guys to just take some shots from top of circle so I can get warmed up and shake this off. They did (other than the old pro) and I felt normal again. I let him come in again and shoot his high shots (skulled again) but I wasn't flinching any more. Good sign, but I hope this isn't a re-occurrence. Then they did some 2 on 0s and I did ok but pretty much wore down pretty quick again. I'm in decent shape but not Goalie shape! & not close to what I was at the beginning of the summer. I have to step up my P90x and turn my runs into sprints.

I'll be getting some 1 on 1 coaching shortly. Other than that, what do you guys think is the best practice? I was thinking of open hockey again tomorrow where people just mess around and NOT scrimmage, but I'm starting to think that a pick-up scrimmage might be better? I just wanted to get some more basics down before I did that but maybe that is the best experience I could get?

Thanks again guys. Look forward to your responses!
If its just shooting around and guys are going head high, those guys are fa****s. The only way you can get them to stop shooting head high is to ignore him/her for 10 mins after each head shot, remember you are the goalie you get to decide who shoots on you, if you are not facing the shooter he can't shoot, eventually he will get the point.

Also, with the breakaways, most skaters don't understand that while they get to practice their random moves on a breakaway, us goalies get nothing out of it. The best thing to do is to talk to the shooters and reach a compromise, give them a breakaway in return for a warm up type shot.

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