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05-12-2006, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by mark0v
Lot of Habs fans wouldn't take either of Spezza or Thorton , because this and because that ; they are not enough good for the Habs .

Thorton finished first pointer this year and Spezza 14 th with only 68 games , and is second in the playoffs by now.
Some people are being WAY too extreme here. I agree that giving up three draft picks is a lot, and that there's probably other RFA's out there that would be give us a better return for the same cost...and it would be a big cap hit to sign him...BUT...

If you think that there's "no way" that Jason Spezza would be welcomed in Montreal that makes absolutely no sense. What did we all just finish ranting about - the fact that after Koivu went down we had no decent centre to fill the void and that's why we lost...and now someone is talking about getting Jason Spezza for the price of three draft picks - only one of which is a first rounder - and people are seriously saying no without even entertaining the possibility that he may be exactly what we need? Yeah, the last thing we need in Montreal is a 22 year old centre with excellent size, speed and who's already demonstrated the ability to dominate at the junior, AHL and NHL level...

I'll agree that Gainey would not sign Spezza because he's too old-school to take advantage of the new RFA rules, or that he doesn't want to give up three draft picks, or that he wants to save his money on a better UFA (like Redden or Chara)...but to say that he would not take Jason Spezza because he wouldn't help our team or because he's basically just a "bigger Ribs" is just insane.

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