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Originally Posted by scott99 View Post
Bauer, do you remember Strat-o-matic hockey ? Man one of my friends and I used to play that for hours. My mom actually used to go to the company's headquarters to get me updated hockey and football sets for Christmas. Used to have a blast with those games.
I never played the Strat Hockey game, but I played A LOT of the Baseball game, which was the flagship game of that company. I think your point is HUGE about what we are talking about. Those of us who grew up playing Dice and Card games like Strat or APBA or the Statis Pro games from Avalon Hill like these computer simulations. We understand them because we grew up with them. We love them because the computer versions keep all the stats for us. Those of us under 25-30 look at them and say WTF is that? They group up on Madden or NHL 99 and it's sequels.

I think the one exception is the Football Manager series. That is a computer sim that is not about the graphics (although they are adding more and more graphics in the game), that is very popular in Europe and has some success in America. However, it has the limitation of not being able to play the teams of the past and for some of us guys that's huge.

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