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Originally Posted by Jerk Store View Post
Hmmmmmm, maybe, or they might be more national than municipal. During my meeting with the Camerons, they showed us a plaque given by the mayor that recognizes them as Ottawa's Regiment. Can't remember if they're the only one though, but they're the "official" regiment for sure.
The GGFG is most assuredly a local regiment, they were raised from Ottawa and recruit only locally. During WW1, Guards served in the 77th Ottawa Bt and the 2nd Eastern Ontario Bt .This is one of the two regiments my family has traditionally served in, the other being the Hasty Ps.

They are every bit the local regiment the Highlanders are, with the added duty of being a Guards regiment.

On the ottawa coat of arms is a member of the Civil Service Rifle corps

The 1st and 2nd companies of the Civil Service Corps became the 1st and 2nd companies of the GGFG.

edit: btw I'm not arguing against your proposal, just the idea of them being Ottawa's only regiment I find laughable.

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