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Originally Posted by Imagine17 View Post
Left his feet for sure but I don't think he was leading with his elbow (it isn't sticking out) I think he was leading with his shoulder in a high position & wanted to use his body to hit is upper right. The thing you blow past completely is the guys' head WAS down so there is fault on his side to not notice a guy who is known for big hits coming at him. Of course though he is now Canuck property so you guys instantly hate anything he'll do. All we've heard from HF boards are the Canucks are soft & they need grit... well guess what? It looks like we've got it!
I agree the guys head was down, so he is to blame to. My point is players should have more respect. Kassian could still have nailed him when the guy had his head down. But just because the guy has hit head down doesnt give Kassian the right to leave his feet and head hunt. The Scott Stevens era is over. Players understand the gravity of a concussion, so why go out to deliver them. What goes around is gunna come around

You can still nail guys with their head down. Just dont murder him with a elbow/jump, its just as easy to deliver a solid check shoulder first with feet planted

And the Canuck comment is untrue. I feel strongly about all hits like this.

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