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05-12-2006, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Netro
Just curious...

Why do people believe that Huet can or cannot be a goalie that leads the Habs to the Cup in the next 3 years? I'd like to see posts from both camps.

I am in the "can" camp, for the following reasons:
(1) Technically sound goalie - the thing is he can't be overworked in the regular season
(2) His ability to elevate his play in the play-offs in the pressure cooker known as Mtl - he was spectacular against Carolina
(3) Age - I think he is 30. Well, goalies hit their prime later in life. He has a good 5 years ahead of him
(4) Experience - This is twofold. He has NHL experience, but more importantly, he has international experience playing for France. Also, I believe he won some major awards in the Swiss League
(5) Calmness and quiet confidence - He has the temperment (spelling?) to be a successful playoff goalie
(6) Leadership and team confidence - He is considered a leader by the team, but more importantly, the team believes in him. This allows the team to play better in front of him
For me, it all comes down to cost. I personally think that Huet vs. Aebischer for next season is going to be a wash. I think Aebischer if given the chance to be a starter will have a solid above average season in his contract year. Huet, after getting a presumably large contract, will come back down to earth. Teams have begun to figure him out. Huet has good positioning, and his fundamentals are light years ahead of Theodore for example. On the downside, Huet's lateral movement is terrible...and his rebound control and Aebi's rebound control are both bad from what I have seen.

Therefore, if the performance you get from either one is going to be comparable, then I would say go with Aebischer because he's younger, and will come cheaper (again presumably). I just don't see Huet being vastly superior to Aebischer. Maybe if Huet was younger and I thought he was on the cusp of becoming a top flight goaltender I would be a bigger believer...but right now I'm not.

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