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10-15-2012, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Kibb View Post
I'm sure the logo is going to be great, as your works always is. I own your Sens jersey btw and it's by far the best uni the sens have ever had.

As for the CFL team personally I heard this other idea once about Rifles or Riflemen which I thought felt quite right.

Because it has..

A) the large R going for it.
B) it also connected to our infantry regiments since the Highlanders used to be the Carleton Rifles and the GGFG used to be the Civil Service Rifles
Yeah, in a perfect world they would be called the Rough Riders and rock the big white R, but my opinion on that differs from others: To me the R will always be the Rough Riders, and I'm not a fan of using it with another team name... As I've said before, it's as if the Sens left town, came back, lost the rights to the name Senators and called themselves the Centurions to use the Senators logo... For me it would be a big no-no and I feel the same way about the R.

It's a shame though

Oh and thanks for the compliments for the jersey, glad you like it but much of the credit goes to the very board who really gave the big push to make it go viral in Ottawa and beyond

Also, if they do come back with the R, I'll be a fan for sure as I love the look and historical reference, but the association between it and the new name I won't be a fan of, as great as the name may be

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