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10-15-2012, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Imagine17 View Post
Hockey is about winning; Plain & Simple. You know why the playoffs are so entertaining? Its because its a war on ice where you try to beat other teams to the ground on the score board & physically. If you want respect in sports I don't think hockey is a game you should be watching. It never has been about respect & never will be.

*Had* & every Franchise has had players who have shown lack of respect, quit trying to act like the Canucks are some abnormality & are this evil Franchise!
Wow. Ill stop with this thread now. Posts like this make you wonder about people. I have no problem with big physical hits. I have a problem with dirty hits where the sole intention is to injure someone.

I hope one day you realize that you can be competive and not lay dirty hits at the same time. Respect is a huge part of the game. They should take out the instigating rule so enforcers can teach this punk young players like this a thing or to about respect

Were you ok with the Keith hit on Sedin? just physicality, players getting for playoffs and Keith just wanted to win

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