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10-15-2012, 07:55 PM
CB Joe
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My two issues about this article.

I’m not talking about our love of the game itself but the league and its principals in power, who have once again decided it is better to play no games at all than play the games if it means getting two or three fewer percentage points in “hockey-related revenue.”
Two or three points, that equal hundreds or millions of dollars. Calling it two or three points is understating the gap between players are owners.

Yeah, you’ve come up a little since then, but you still won’t get into world of reality and make a real offer – something like a 53-52-51-50-50-50 split. The players would take that. Do you know this? They would. I’ve talked to them. Maybe you haven’t. They would take that deal TODAY if offered.
If the players would take that deal, why hasn't their side offered that deal in negotiations to this point?

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