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05-12-2006, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Complaining Customer
Which makes all of this thread ridiculous : Avs certainly did not lose because of Theodore, they lost because they were unable to score.

Man Habs fans make me wish I was dead more often than not. Theo's not a money goalie? Huet is so much better? Let's see how much millions our superstar backup with one great half-season asks for when he gets a Vezina and a Hart... Oh no, that's right, he won't ask for 5 millions, because he won't win a Vezina and a Hart, and guess what? We'll be lucky if Huet is still a starter in this league in 2-3 years.

He played over his head, I like the guy a lot (especially his french accent), but let's not get carried away and make (again) fools of ourselves here : even tho Theodore's been terrible this year, he still has more pure talent, and more potential to come back strong, than Huet has.

I'm not sure if Lacroix really said "trade -la Roy", but you can't say there isn't a lot of comparable factors in this trade : he gave a below-average starter/good backup to get an award-winning goaltender who was having a tough time in Montreal. Ok, Theodore is no Roy, but we didn't get any Rucinsky or Kovalenko (who were both semi-effective forwards with some potential) either.
AVS didn't lose because of Theo, maybe. But you know, AVS didn't win the first series because of him either. And if the real Stars would've step us at the beginning, and Turco remembered how to play in front of his net, we would not even be talking about how he was so great against Anaheim......As far as getting the Vezina and Hart, well that argument is pretty old if you ask me. Know tons of coaches that were fired after winning the Adams, tons or rookies that were not the same after winning the Calder......The Vezina, sure he was probably the winner though Roy had a great season as well. As far as the Hart is concerned, lot of people thought it should have gone to Iginla. So what would be your argument if he had lost both or just one of them???Possible that Huet was over his head this year, what about Theo being over his head in that year. What about Theo not being able to face this new NHL nowadays. Do you know tons of Vezina winners that has no glove whatsoever ( and don't talk to me about that lucky Selanne's save....)

Anyway, for me it has nothing to do with Huet being better than Theo but more with having more money to spend 'cause we already have a good goalie that allows a softie once in a while but is less expensive. But since you say that Theo didn't have a great team that scored a lot, well it's not with his salary, Blake's and Sakic's that will help them get the help they need. So he will still play in front of the same kind of team with the same Breezer that cost them some games throughout the year and in these playoffs, and still won't be able to do the real difference. Sure he's a good goalie but does he make that 5 million difference????

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