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10-15-2012, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Bryanbryoil View Post
A.Hall is great around the net on the PP, IMO you don't waste his talents there just to have someone that's better at screening the goalie.

B. Yakupov can still onetime the puck from Eberle, Schultz, and back passes from RNH.

C. Petry will be more of a passer than a shooter on the 2nd unit anyway.

D. I don't see Gagner or Hemsky working very well on the RW boards.

E. Smyth is a net presence first and foremost.

G. Paajarvi needs to use his speed to gain possession and his size to keep the puck in the zone, he plays enough high in the offensive zone at ES, he needs to get more used to playing down around the circle and below. He also has a decent onetimer and can move the puck pretty well from the right side.
A. I agree Hall works well by the net, but we can throw pretty much anyone there to do that job. Hall has one of the harder shots on the team and is a good playmaker. I think it makes more sense to utilize him in a more skilled role than simply getting pushed around in front of the net.

B. He definitely could one time it from there, but it's such a short distance from Nuge that it's not very effective and him and Hemsky are our best playmakers so it's good if one of them was the one feeding him the puck to get as many through as possible.

C. Petry has a cannon. Why not utilize it?

D/E. It's mostly just to keep the cycle going. I'm as big of Smyth fan as you'll find, but the play dies on his stick. I didn't really feel like trying to do a diagram on my phone before (or now lol), but basically Smyth would be the main guy in front of the net, Gagner would play down low opposite Hemmer, and Yak would be a little higher up in the slot and then when the puck went in the left corner, Smyth goes to the corner and Gags moves out towards the net.

G. I agree with you on PRV completely, but is precious PP time best used teaching him to be more gritty? Why not use someone more effective and when PRV figures it out, he can be worked in

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