Thread: Confirmed with Link: Justin Schultz joins the Oilers Part II
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10-16-2012, 01:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Philly85 View Post
It's still really early... his skating is unbelievable though, he's clearly got balls too, as he's been completely unafraid to jump into and lead the rush. I've seen him get caught already once or twice but most of the time he's right back in position. Looks like he could be a stud offensive D-man. Hard to believe a guy who can skate that well, has that much confidence, that level of skill can't have SOME success in the NHL. First two games he's looked like a big league player to me.

There will be a learning curve and I just hope he continues to build his confidence and learn the game... he is a very promising player with huge upside IMO. At this point I'll be happy if he just ends up being a solid contributing top 4 D-man but to me he looks like he could be something more.

Also, I saw some comparisons and people mentioning him in the same breath as MAB... laughable... give your head a shake!
I can't say too much because I'm only going off highlights and what people have said, but he really does sound a lot like Ryan Murray to me (little less polished defensively and a little better offensive instincts though), which really does lend to the feeling of getting 1st and 2nd overall imo

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