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10-16-2012, 04:15 AM
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im slapping more college kids around this year than i did last year. for some strange reason, they dont want to walk around to the front gate. ( i live in a gated community that has a main gate with a security gaurd on the north end of the property and a pedestrian gate on the south end of the property for loyola kids that live here and actually have a key for the gate ) for them to walk around to the main gate would only take about ten minutes. but no.....they insist on climbing over the fence that runs along the south end. and thats where they fall into my hands. and the funny thing is..........ive never seen the same kid climb over my fence a second time.
one of the girls that live in the apartment next to mine told me that the loyola boys ( and they are boys........20 years old but still about 15 years away from being men ) refer to me as "the hound" or "dog" or "bronn".....two bad assed ******** from a show called "game of thrones".
if they view me as either one of those characters, thats fine with me man........and ill play that role right up to the point where ill get locked up for doing it. as soon as i get to that point, ill slow down. i sure as **** aint going to jail for slapping some obnoxious assed loyola kid.

im also watching a lot of old movies. most of which i havent seen in ten or so years. none of the new movies really interest me. too much computer generated ******** for me.

and im doing a lot of baking. and cooking for that matter. today i made my first attempt at baking oatmeal cookies. pretty easy to make right? yeah, well theyre easier to **** up!!! but i like clowning around in the kitchen so its all cool. experiments with foods and seasonings can either make you look like the most brilliant star in the sky or it can make you look like an absolute idiot. i thank all the gods that most of my experiments turn out pretty damned well!!!! if you want to exchange recipes, just let me know. i promise you, you will love my "chain gang stew".

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