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10-16-2012, 06:10 AM
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Maher had Luntz on a few weeks ago. Bill spent the whole interview making fun of him.

So the sides are going to get back to the, ahem, bargaining table today, supposedly. Remember, the players lost their paychecks Monday (Oct. 15). The next one would be due at the end of the month.

I truly believe both sides know exactly where the deal is going to be made, but that neither side—especially the players side—wants to make a sudden move toward that number because of, perhaps mistrust, or fear that the other side will see that move as weakness and dig in to try to get more.

Silly stuff, really. I think they will get there somehow. I expect hockey by Thanksgiving. But that’s a total guess.

Bettman and Daly usually attend the US Hockey Hall of Fame ceremony which was last night in Dallas. They didn't attend. Fehr didn't attend either. Bettman was meeting with Jamison in Manhattan yesterday trying to figure out the Coyotes sale. The NHL has sunk millions into the Coyotes.

But for an example of how entrenched the two sides are, one need look no further than hotel rooms.

The players have asked that each player gets a room on the road. Currently most of the players share. Only 10-year veterans get their own room. That was one of the concessions the players won seven years ago for conceding the salary cap.

Publicly, the owners say the extra hotel room is an added cost, and want the money for the extra rooms to come out of the hockey-revenue related pot. That would have the effect of driving down players’ salaries.

This frustrates the players. The extra cost per team for 10 extra hotel rooms is about $135,000, or about $4 million league-wide.

The players — who believe they’re surrendering $200 million annually in salary space — see the hotel issue as a small price for the owners to pay on such a huge salary concession.

You can't make this stuff up.

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