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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
I agree with you that Ireland gets a chance to continue to build this offseason. But he absolutely must find a #1 WR to keep his job long term IMO. As much as it seems like we have cap space, we really dont when you look at the list of guys that need to be resigned. Just wanted to address each of your position points individually:

QB - I'd say Tannehill is a little farther along than expected. I mean a lot of people were saying he'd need at least half a season to adjust to the speed of the game. He seems ahead of the curve right now by a little bit
I think Tannehill coming from the same offense, and coach, in college has really helped him out a lot. Also, the uptempo style that Philbin ran in the mini camps, and camp itself, also helped. I think if he had to learn a new offense, we would have probably seen Moore start. I like Tannehills progress, and he has shown tools that we havent seen in a QB since #13.

WR - Bess is really a #3 guy though thats perfect for the slot receiver. Hartline is somewhat inconsistent at times but yes I think a decent #2. The problem with finding a #1 WR is that you generally have to draft them because they are rarely available via free agency. And if they're available via trade, there's a reason for that with question marks (see B. Marshall). This yr's draft isnt the deepest for WR either.
The problem at WR is I think they are going to overpay for someone. I just hope that they dont go with someone older, like Welker for example. I want a guy that is either entering his prime, or in it already. If someone like that is available with the 1st or 2nd rounder, you have to consider making that trade.

OLine - I think they should put the franchise tag on Long. I dont know that he's worth signing long term right now. Martin has gotten better since the season started and Jerry is proving everyone wrong but we can improve that right side IMO (eventually I could see us moving Martin to LT).
If Long wants Joe Thomas type money, then I say we franchise him, and deal with that next year. I would hope that he would take a bit less to stay here though. Martin is going to be a player IMO, whether it be the left or right side. Jerry is fine, for now. Pouncey is our version of Dwight. I would just like to see them upgrade that LG spot, as I am not a fan of Incognito's play, or BS he pulls.

DLine - Solai just eats up so much real estate on the interior. We know Wake is a sack machine. But I think we may end up having to let Starks go. We have some depth on the interior and can move Odrick inside too. Vernon seems to be getting better also.
I think we have to re-sign Starks, but only if its a cap friendly deal. I think Odrick and Vernon are better suited on the end, and the tandem of Solai and Starks is too good to break up right now.

LB - I think Misi is better than you give him credit for. I think Dansby or Burnett could be easy to replace in the draft this yr and Dansby is expensive so I could see the team replacing him before the guys on either side of him (if Manti Te'o lasts to our pick, he'd be a great selection).
I like Misi, but Im not a big fan of his pass coverage. If I had to choose, Id rather go with Misi and Dansby, and replace Burnett.

Secondary - Yes priority #1 probably should be to re-sign Smith ASAP. He's proven he can handle top receivers in this league. We need to get someone to play opposite of him and this draft would be a good opportunity to do that. I've been impressed with our safeties too, thought there would be a bigger dropoff without YBell this season.
I love Smith, and when he plays press, he is a tough SOB to play against. Its the zone coverage that gets to him a bit. I really dont like that they only play him on one side of the field, because that means we need CB help on the opposite side. I like Marshall, but I think he is more of a nickel back, so we really need to get a CB in the first two rounds. Lets just hope we dont have to get two CBs this offseason.

I think we should package up that 2nd from Indy and move back into the 1st round. Yes we have some holes to fill but at this point, it looks like we need more elite talent than just depth. Our defense right now is top 10 in the league (top 5 against the run, 9th in pts/game) but definitely needs an upgrade at CB. If we can get a #1 WR and #1 CB in the first round with 2 picks, then we would immediately have a successful draft IMO. We could use the rest of our picks to upgrade our depth at OLine, LB and DLine.
We need a TE too. The WC offense utilizes TEs, but Fasano is not cutting it. I was pissed that they passed on Gronk and Hernandez two drafts ago, because we still needed TE help then. If they get a #1 TE, WR, and CB help going into next training camp, they should be competing for one of the top spots in the AFC.

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