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10-16-2012, 07:56 AM
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Originally Posted by SpinTheBlackCircle View Post
I just apologize to Desmond and his family that he had to endure that. And I'm really more embarrassed more than anything to think that somebody who works at an ESPN affiliate and works at our station has a forum to say such asinine comments. What the individual lacks in credibility to me he makes up for by just throwing arrows and rocks at people, and that's his thing. And to me he crossed a line and that's just totally unacceptable.
I don't know why you are apologizing, you didn't do anything. If I'm am reading this correctly and you work at the station, leave the apologizing up to the station if they feel it is necessary. Being embarrassed by the acts of others is a waste. You can't control others, concentrate on yourself.

I appreciate your passion, but I doubt Desmond has given it much of a thought unless there is something I am missing here. The the scheme of things, Torg is nothing. Bit player on a small show in a college town with poor ratings.

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