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10-16-2012, 08:54 AM
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Originally Posted by wildthing202 View Post
Did you not see my post? They did it twice already making it 3 isn't going to change anything. This is one of those instances where keeping Pittsburgh with Philly is more of a hassle and would wreck what ever balance there is in the east just like in 1974 and 1993. How stupid is it to put teams from Florida with teams from Canada just to preserve 1 so called rivalry? Philly and Pitt aren't even in the same division in other sports and it works for them. Just like how everyone except the NBA keeps the NY teams separated.

NBC can go screw as they're already on the hook for 9 more years so the NHL can do whatever it wants.

Just for TV NHL(as of now):
CBC division - Mon, Tor, Van, Win, Cal, Edm, Ott
NBC division - Chi, Det, NYR, Phil, Bos, Pit, Wash, Buf
NBCSN division - SJ, St.L TB, LA, Min, Dal. Ana, Nash
OTA division - Fla, NYI, Phx, Col, Col, Car, NJ
if you have ever seen a game with the habs or leafs in tampa or florida, you would understand why it makes sense.

besides at least one of those teams will be gone soon

cool story on telling nbc to screw.

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