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10-16-2012, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Cliffy1814 View Post
I did read that book. Your commnet sort of highlights what I was getting at which is that a large part of Messier's value (real or perceived) was "Leadership" which is inherently intangible.
You're acting as if Messier didn't produce on the ice.

Originally Posted by Cliffy1814 View Post
Does Messier serving as a buffer between Keenan and the team have an impact to production on the ice? If so, how much? Neither of us can give a qualified answer to that.
It certainly impacted production on the ice. The team won despite an abusive, power hungry, egomaniac who's self-centered attempted power grab during the playoffs threatened to derail any Cup run.

Originally Posted by Cliffy1814 View Post
Messier was a vital player on the team in 94 obviously, but was the 4th best player during the playoffs IMO. I think in Ranger lore he gets far more credit than maybe he deserves.
Edge said it better than I could. Messier "allowed the talent around him to grow into their abilities and tap into their potential."

Originally Posted by Cliffy1814 View Post
When I think Messier I think Jeter. Great Hall of Fame player but gets too much credit for the winning and NO blame whatsoever for the losing.
Messier is a better individual performer than Jeter is.

Originally Posted by Cliffy1814 View Post
Those leadership/intabgibles associated with Mess and Jeter seem to get alot of play when the their team wins championships, but when Mess missed playoffs for seven straight years or when the Yanks go into a post season malaise they seem to fade into the woodwork.
I don't think that's the case at all. Messier's stint in Vancouver and his second stint here certainly diminish his legacy to a degree. Messier is not bullet proof at all. Nobody will look back on his second run with the Rangers fondly. But what he did his first time here can't be overstated.

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