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10-16-2012, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
Waste money on Luntz? Luntz one of the all time great spinsters and a top propagandist. Read Words that Work

He reframed "global warming" as "climate change".

Turned "inheritance tax" into "death tax".

I don't care for his politics, but he certainly is effective at spinning an issue and getting the message you want out in a way that favors his side.
While this is absolutely true, I question how much the court of public opinion matters in professional sports negotiations.

When I recently helped negotiate a contract between my former employer (the union) and a local county government, public opinion mattered--the guys we were negotiating against were directly elected by the public. We were able to spin things in the local media and garner public support, which provided a ton of leverage in our negotiations. Similar circumstances at my current union employer. There's actual leverage to be gained from public sympathy in "real world" labor negotiations.

Does that exist in professional sports? Fans may align themselves with one side or the other, but how can either side practically utilize that as leverage? Fans are pissed, regardless of who is truly at fault. The only way to send that message is with our wallets. At the end of the day, though, I don't think that a fan is any more or less likely to boycott/disassociate with the product no matter how strongly they side with either management or the union. Someone who blames management is no more or less likely to thumb their nose at the league than someone who blames the players.

So what purpose does Luntz serve? It's always nice to have insight into how your side appears to the public, but what does ownership actually gain from that?


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