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Originally Posted by smitty10 View Post
Just because we haven't had a Stanley Cup champion or any recent success doesn't mean we haven't had a team. And how good do you really think an expansion team would be?

A second team here wouldn't go over very well. You get some Leafs haters here, but most of them are pretty loyal to another franchise. Outside of that the vast majority of hockey fans are Leafs fans. This isn't a market where a second team would be successful. They'd be the Islanders part 2. There are far too many entire families and generations of families who are Leafs fans (among hockey fans). We've dealt with a losing team for 7 seasons and people aren't jumping ship. Fans here are far to loyal to change allegiance to an expansion team. Their support would be minimal among hardcore hockey fans in the GTA.

Maybe Hamilton can support a team, but would the NHL really sink the Buffalo market like that? And would Buffalo and Toronto allow a team in their territory? I doubt it. If (and it's unlikely that it happens) the NHL expands in Canada we'll see teams in Quebec City and Hamilton. There won't be another team in the GTA.
There are enough people who have become fans of random teams just out of disgust for the Leafs that they would not have a problem picking up a new team. The big difference between the Islanders and a second Toronto team is that Markham is a better location than Long Island (I have lived in both Long Island and the GTA) If you live in Long Island you almost have to work in NYC. Getting to the Nassau Coliseum by a 7:05 start is nearly impossible if you get out of work 530 or later. The GTA has a decidedly northern sprawl there are plenty of office parks going up in the York Region and there is a train station right next to the proposed arena. So they won't suffer from a lot of the issues the Islanders do.

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