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10-16-2012, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Kellogs View Post
You're looking at things too simplistically. Overall doesn't tell the whole picture. If your player put up 60 points in the NHL while being 82 overall already, that tells me his offensive attributes (OA, SSP, SSA, WSP, WSA) are probably already high. Whatever improvements he may have gained in these already high attributes were probably too small to make a noticeable improvement in the OVR rating. I would also hazard a guess that it's the players' defensive ratings that are holding them back from the OVR improvement.

Also, I have come to suspect that statistics based growth has a much larger impact the closer the player is to reaching his prime.

It's not pure randomness. If it was, then people would be seeing things like Yakupov getting a massive OVR boost after year 1 similar to other players like Huberdeau, and vice versa. At worst, what we're seeing is that players seem to have a predetermined development curve.

Interesting theory, I will look into it. Would tie in well with my previous comment concerning predetermined development curves.
Im still not 100% sure but obviously there's some sort of connection.

Also, just as a side note... I like how it seems easier to make a trade based on what the other teams put in their block, etc, BUT I have two examples that make absolutely no sense.

I have a goaltender currently who is labeled as "Elite" and he's only 25 years old. He's won a Calder and a Conn Smythe. I need to shed salary and I got stuck paying him $14 million a season. I cant move him for the life of me and get anything remotely close to value.

Another example, once again trying to shed salary, I had a 33 year old RW playmaker who has been averaging 70 points. He only had one year left on his deal and I couldnt move him for a 33 year old playmaker who's been averaging 50 pts but had two years left on his deal. I also couldnt get a legitimate prospect for him.

There just seems to be "built in" attributes within the game that lead to very unrealistic outcomes, especially later in the game.

Things seem to get pretty out of whack come the 2030s....

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