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10-16-2012, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by WingsFan95 View Post
Well, maybe it's a Canadian thing, but I've bought some very exceptional fakes.

In other leagues, I use to go to sports stores and ask the sellers their opinion. They told me themselves they were perfect fakes.

Not sure if they're from China, but they don't cost much too make here in Canada from scratch. The material cost alone are maybe $15? If you buy material in bulk?

My fakes go for $60-$100 though, not $25.
I find hockey jerseys to have the worst fakes. I think the biggest problem is every team uses a different number/letter font. Plus, hockey jerseys are generally much more detailed. I have yet to see a good Rangers fake, they really botch up the numbers, and the name, especially the arch in the name. With football, and baseball, I have seen some really god fakes, that would be hard to tell just by looking that it is fake. You really needed to look closely and be familiar with all the details.

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