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Originally Posted by Antithesis View Post
The FO's plan to bring him in to replace Jagr's production was a failure from the start. Hossa was plan A, Jagr was plan B, Nazzy was plan C. If we hadn't singed Redden we could've afforded to keep both Jagr and Nazzy and things migth've been better.
I don't think he was ever looked at as a real replacement, someone who would fill the gap completely. Just as a decent offensive player to try to fix things up somewhat.

Radek Dvorak. I thought they should have brought him back as a 3rd liner last year. Another favorite.
I liked Dvorak a lot. He was never the same after blowing out his knee but he's been in the NHL for quite awhile now as a good 3rd line player. Shame he never put it all together for a long stretch,, and he was damn fast too.

Jaromir Jagr's time with the Rangers was overrated. Great individual accomplishment. In hindsight, not a very memorable time as a team. Noteworthy because it was the end of the dark years.
Those teams were basically one really cool top line, a bunch of "meh" players, and a great goalie.

I like almost all of the players on the current team these days, but back then it was really the "Jagr and buddies with a guest appearance by Lundqvist" show

Poor drafting aside, Christian Dube and Manny Malhotra would've been solid players for us if we didn't screw it up.
I kind of disagree about Malhotra at least. I don't think he was ever going to be more than he panned out to be in the NHL. He could have been a valuable, solid player for the Rangers if they hadn't jumped the gun and traded him, and if the Rangers coaching hadn't been terrible back then, but I think his upside was a 3rd line player max

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