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10-16-2012, 12:47 PM
def. hockey FAIL
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Originally Posted by Hollywood Couturier View Post
82 game season in one less month. That's no fun. Kimmo will be dead.
would they just push everything back a month or would they try and get in 4 games a week and have the playoff schedule like normal. Im not a fan of compacting the schedule and try and play more games a week. guys are going to get hurt.
maybe they expand the NHL rosters by a player or 2?
If the owners are insistant on not pushing the schedule its going to be interesting if they can work the extra games per week with the NBA, concerts ect. I think that extra game per week could make for a scheduling nightmare. Unless thry have a plan already worked out for that.

Originally Posted by Cheesesteak Invictus View Post
Yep. I'd rather have them drop a few games.

Also, it doesn't look like this offer changes revenue sharing enough to fix the problems. We'd likely see yet another lockout when the deal runs out.
according to various media reports twitter ect the proposed deal would be for a 82 game schedule. which hopefully isnt a sticking point.

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