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Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
Of course, you realize you are using data from the single worst period of Canadian talent in modern history. We have already discussed this. Restricting your analysis to only the 90's only shows that you are using a biased sample.
That's your hypothesis, not a proven fact. It's interesting that the supposed "worst period of Canadian talent" happens to coincide with the arrival of stars from overseas. Perhaps it wouldn't have appeared as such a below average group if not for the intense competition from European, Russian and US players.

My point was mainly that the overall representation of non-Canadian players in the NHL does not accurately reflect their impact towards the top. I'm sorry you find my sample "biased". I wasn't trying to imply that those %s were standard, but it's also difficult to say what the right % is, since there's only 15+ years of large scale integration of non-Canadian defensemen to examine.

How about since the lockout?

Top 5: 4 Euro, 0 US
Top 10: 5 Euro, 1 US
Top 20: 8 Euro, 4 US

Top 5: 2 Euro, 0 US
Top 10: 4 Euro, 1 US
Top 20: 7 Euro, 4 US

Top 5: 3 Euro, 0 US
Top 10: 6 Euro, 1 US
Top 20: 10 Euro, 4 US

That's three more seasons, bringing the total to half the seasons from '96-present. If that's not acceptable, then please share with us the official "seasons that are allowed to be examined" list and we can go from there.

A quick look at the top 100 players (all skaters) in total points since the '05 lockout shows 37 Euro/Russian players (I may have missed one or two) and 12 US players. So about half the best players since the lockout are non-Canadian. Are you claiming that there's an ongoing 15-20 year trough in Canadian talent that happens to coincide with the mass exodus of players from overseas? I guess it couldn't be that all the great players from overseas and the US have made it much more difficult for Canadian stars to shine?

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