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Originally Posted by WildcatMapleLeafs28 View Post
I agree with most of what you have said. I think there's a better chance they go the first way. Not just because I am a hopeful fan but because they do have the players to be among the top teams and getting players to gel , like you mentioned, will take time. I think once they start coming together as a team , the wins will start coming easier.
the one thing that has me leaning towards the fact the veterans dont buy in to Flynn is little quips like what Saulnier said after the game against Rouyn. Not sure if you caught it, but in the interview, when asked about Rouyn's team, he answered "they're a well coached team". Can be interpreted many ways....
The other thing is i find Flynn is grasping for straws, the played chicoutimi a friday, Baie comeau a saturday. After losing friday, and winning saturday, Flynn's comment was "it was a tough weekend, back to back games with lots of travel between games". Was he serious?? Baie comeau is 2hrs from Chicoutimi!!!!!!

i just find they are all grasping for straws, and trying to justify what's happening. Having said all that, i'm not burying them, i'm on board in the sense that they have the talent, and the players. sometimes it's just tougher than people think to put it together and get results!

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