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12-06-2003, 11:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire
I think I know what you mean, but the way this came out is just hilarious!

Random Hockey Fan: "So who's your number one center?"

Duck Fan: "We don't have one"

RHF: "So who's your number two center?"

DF: "We don't have a number two center"

Starting to look puzzled
RHF: "Ok.....Well your third line center has to be pretty good then, eh?"

DF: "Oh we don't have a third line center"

Completely perplexed and a little annoyed

RHF: "Well you've got to have a fourth line center at least!?!?"

DF: Nope

RHF: Well what the hell!?! Why don't you have any damn centers on your team

DF: Well centers get concussions and we wouldn't want that.
While that was funny he is right,McDonalds most recent concussion came from playing center and being the size he is, the guy is at risk for a concussion.

Trottier-I dont like planet earth plus Vishnevski has played well the last month he's 23 and almost has 300 games of NHL games under his belt,I was on the trade Vish bandwagon before the season but he has finally mixed physical play with positioning well, I think it would be stupid to trade im most of the teams defensemen are around 30 Y/o except Sauer and Vish.

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