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10-16-2012, 02:41 PM
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But a source close to the negotiations confirmed to that the definition of HRR would remain the same as it is in the current agreement. Thatís a significant shift for the NHL, one that has the potential to change the tone of negotiations from dismal to, the very least, hopeful.

So the NHL can't deduct certain things they wanted to deduct

1) In the existing CBA, teams can deduct the cost of doing business from HRR. But there are limits. For example, deductions from preseason games or "special games" such as European openers, "shall not in the aggregate exceed fifteen (15) per cent per League Year on a League-wide basis" of the revenues. You can find all of the examples, if you wish, in Article 50 of the current document. The NHL is arguing that costs far exceed these caps.

2) One area of HRR the NHL cannot deduct ANY costs from is luxury suite sales (e.g., paying people to sell them). Everything must be thrown into the pot. Mistake, oversight, whatever - the league would like a re-do.

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