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Originally Posted by Twine Seeking Missle View Post
Reviews don't always mean each individual person will like the game though. I can't tell you how many awesome reviews I had read about Gears of War. Picked it up, played for about an hour and sold it the next day. I hated it.

Or how many 2 star movies I have loved and 4 star movies I have hated. It's all personal preference. I will download the demo and give it a shot though. If I end up loving it I am in trouble though. An assload of games coming out within the next few weeks that I want.
Dude, the first Gears of War was insanely great, What's wrong with you ? lol, just kidding, I know what you mean, there are plenty of games I was never into, even thiough the hype was through the roof. Final Fantasy VII comes to mind.

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