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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
The rink doesn't lose any money... The ice is paid for and the make the vast majority of their money from these leagues, not independent rentals. In the GTA, the rink books games on every hour (whether it be 1:30, 2:30 or 1:00, 2:00) and there is an estimated 50 minutes played per game. A 10 minute flood after every 2 games. Normally you're right on time with no curfew. Sometimes you're a bit early, sometimes a bit late in rare circumstance you're really late and the league has to apologize but do their best to go. The rink itself really isn't effected in any way... Especially if there is some kind of bar or restaurant in the rink I which case they actually most likely profit from it.

That said the demand is there... There is easily over a dozen rinks within half an hour of each other and they're all full every night with league games
I was saying the rink would lose money if they had time between games to allow games to go over their time or make sure they did not get behind schedule. In that case, yes they would not be making money during that time because no one is paying for the "buffer time" of ice.

What level games are you talking that are done in 50 minutes? Also, what is the time per period for those games?

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