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10-16-2012, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Bubba Thudd View Post
It would be like getting stood up for a date, but the girl comes around a week later and says we can go out next Friday. She's hot, so I might say "yes", but I'm still angered that she blew me off in the first place. The NHL and the NHLPA stood me up.
That's not really the correct analogy I would use here.

I'd say the correct one is:

It would be like agreeing on a date, but the girl tells me that she has a few things to do before it, but it won't affect the date.
Then when the date approaches she calls and says that it is taking longer than expected so I should prepare for the worst.
Then at the day of the date she calls and says she is not ready yet and can't really say when she will, but she will work on it to get it fixed.
I'm like, okay. I will wait a smallish amount of time just cause you're hot and I really like you.
Then time passes by and you get the occasional message that it isn't solved yet, but you wait.
Then she says that the problem is fixed and she's ready now.
I'm like yeesh, it took some time, but I waited for you cause I know you had problems you had to fix, but I'm still a bit pissed that you didn't do it earlier despite having the time to do it. So you'll be cautious and tentative at first, but you might find the things you liked about the girl when the time passes by and you start to forget the entire chain of events.

Actually when I read that through it reminds your post quite a bit anyway.
Just the subtle difference that we knew beforehand that the **** might hit the fan.

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