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Originally Posted by fryer98 View Post
I was saying the rink would lose money if they had time between games to allow games to go over their time or make sure they did not get behind schedule. In that case, yes they would not be making money during that time because no one is paying for the "buffer time" of ice.

What level games are you talking that are done in 50 minutes? Also, what is the time per period for those games?
I'm talking everywhere from lowest level HS (there are several levels here) up to AAA. It's 10 minute periods for HS-A and 12-15 for men's league and AA/AAA. All fit within the 1 hour with 10 for a flood. No buffer time between them either. For the 15 minute games you sometimes see an extra 10 or 15 minute tacked on

Games sometimes get behind because of injuries or fights but you deal with it as they come... Personally I'd much rather be behind schedule than have games stopped early. Rink isn't effected in any way

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