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10-16-2012, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Eggers View Post
What it is is a way for the owners to force the hand of the PA by saying "if you turn this offer down, you're turning down a season." Hardly a surprise a move like this comes after Luntz and focus groups. The PA can't turn down this offer without looking like the villains. The big PR move is the 50-50 split, and the players get bent over backwards in little ways elsewhere.
Well they'd be turning down a full season - and likely the best offer they're ever getting - not the entire season. Early November is just the drop dead date for 82 games, which honestly I'm surprised was still on the table (I hope they at least somewhat compensate by ending the season a week or two later). Realistically once the plug gets pulled on the Winter Classic that's it imo, even if that's not the official drop dead date.

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