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Originally Posted by Twine Seeking Missle View Post
Well I meant G.O.W. 3. Sorry forgot to put the "3" in there. Just wasn't for me. Maybe that's because I played online with guys who have been playing since the first game and I was getting stomped. But I just didn't like the movement and I was never a fan of third person. Yet everyone I have ever talked to or every review I read raved about that game.

Ready for this one? Skyrim. Most talked about game of 2011. Of course I go buy it. I will admit I did have some level of fun with it but after about a week it got soooooooo boring. And it's not like I hate RPG's. I did like dragon age. Skyrim couldn't hold my attention though. I feel like I might be the only person on Earth that wasn't/isn't obsessed with that game.
I think you and I have the same opinion when it comes to video games. GOW 1 was so fun. Then GOW 2 sucked. Never even thought about wasting money on the 3rd. Never owned skyrim but have played RPG's made by Bethesda like the older Elderscrolls and fallout and they just bore me after a while.

So if what I said is true, you will absolutely love Borderlands 2. I love competitive fps games, but BL2 is nowhere close to that. But I can't stop playing it. It is a super addicting and rewarding game. I fully recommend it to anyone who is a fan of RPG's and/or FPS games. Amazing combination of both genres.

EDIT: I play it on PC, and nvidia physx is a wonder to behold when **** gets crazy. Add's a graphical element to the game that you wont get on the consoles and completely changes the experience. But I am a stickler for graphics, that is why I play on PC.

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