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10-16-2012, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Zippy316 View Post
They can also release only at they want to releas, this isnt going to be the final deal, the PA has stayed strong willed for this long, they aren't just caving in. They may not get a higher HRR but the the restrictions on contracts and such wont be the way they are. There's no reason for the PA to agree to this deal, because they gr nothing out of it, they lose ground they had from the prior CBA, while gaining practically nothing for doing so.
Obviously they're not going to accept the deal 'as is' but the main sticking points for the players in public were HRR and the fact the owners wanted a cutback in salaries. The owners met the players halfway (literally) on HRR and salary rollbacks don't seem to be an issue with this proposal.

We'll find out how truthful Steve Fehr was being when he said the other issues could be resolved in six hours if they come to an agreement on HRR. Or whether the Fehrs' ego gets the better of them and they decide to destroy the NHL because they're not getting 53% of HRR instead of 50.

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