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10-16-2012, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
Its entirely possible the focus group mess forced this proposal. The fan opinion matters... why the side they take is important I do not know. It stands to reason that pissed off fans, regardless of their leaning, don't devote money to the league. Less money hurts everyone.
I don't think it forced it, but going into the first "serious" negotiations with the fans in your corner? That's a huge win. Now, instead of the public perception being primarily sympathetic towards the players, many of those people are now wondering, "Why haven't they signed it yet!? I want my hockey back!"

I said it before the lockout started, but it still rings true for me: The most interesting part of this whole charade isn't the terms of the CBA, but how the two sides are going to use new media tools to sway the fans in their favor. 8 years ago, this wouldn't have been news to 70% of the fans until tomorrow mornings paper; hours after the NHLPA had a chance to review it. Now, it's touched millions of people in a matter of minutes thanks to Twitter, thus putting even more pressure on the players.

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