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10-16-2012, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
A car post from a car n00b.

First, here arer pictures of my new toyota corolla, which is my first car, previously I have only driven rentals (maybe 800 km total), plus maybe 50 hours of driving in "driving school" vehicles.

The steering wheel is on the right side because I am now living in Australia. Contrary to what I said before, it has 120,000km, not 60,000.

A lot of people in this thread are discussing luxury. You should buy luxury if you have the money and you've had other cars before, or if you're a 16 year-old high school student trying to get laid more often and your dad is paying for it. This is my first car, so I just went for reliability, hence, Toyota Corolla. There's a few other cars I could have gone for.

I'm the 2nd owner of the vehicle, it's a 2007, so it's a "good" used car. It came with a cruise control and tinted windows that the previous owner added. It should have some resale value when I leave here in four years -- I'm hoping for maybe a quarter to a third of its current value. But really I just want it to work. I figure for my second car, when I have more of a clue, I'll look harder and spend more. The mileage should be decent, as gas is very expensive here so that's important. In the test drive, I liked that it was quiet.

As an aside, you should all get your license as early as possible. I realize it's expensive to get a license: driving lessons are $50/hour, so if you come from a working class family like I did and your parents don't have a car for you to practice in, it will be expensive to learn to drive. However, once you do get a car, they charge you insurance based on how many years you've had a license (regardless of whether or not you actually used your license), so the longer you've had a license, the cheaper your insurance will be. I'll be paying ~$1,700/year, because I first got my license in June 2012, and because I learned to drive in a country where the steering wheel is on the left side. Note that insurance companies do account for other factors then years of having a license.
Congratulations . Forget the discussion about luxury cars you've just purchased one of the most reliable cars on the planet . If the car was reasonably cared for you will get years of enjoyable driving . Your car is the Doug Jarvis of Automobiles .Tough, compact , does the important things well and can't be taken out of the game. Jarvis had 12 years between repairs may your corolla serve you much the same way. Again congrats.

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