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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Stripping the C off of Siemens, giving it to a player new to the team who gets to pick his assistants and that player passes on Siemens, Dalton Thrower being a healthy scratch two games in a row, getting gassed 10-0 in your own rink................

Something is wrong there. Maybe you could tell us what that is?
Many things have gone wrong. Lot's of 'excuses' can be thrown out there, but I see the players daily and spend time with them and in the room 6 days a week. It's incorrect to say that this year's team has any sort of 'problem in the room'.

Things that HAVE gone wrong this year:

- Tough first periods. Outshooting the opposition 138-101 in the 1st this year, being outscored 11-8.

- Questionable goaltending. The team's 2011-12 MVP in Makarov has been flat out average this year. Maybe below average with an .890 sv%. Back up goalie has been started twice and pulled twice. That hasn't helped.

- Terrible discipline. Had some horrific games to start the year in regards to being able to stay out of the box.

- Bad special teams. Were 22nd on the PP and 21st on the PK before this past weekend, where they had some success in this area.

- A lack of goals. Prior to this weekend they had been outscored 39-17, average just over 2 goals per game. Take away a 9-6 loss to Brandon and that falls to 11 goals in the team's first 7 games. Simply not good enough.

Prior to this weekend, they would come out hard, get scored on and not have that pushback that they needed. A typical sign of a lack of confidence. This past weekend they finally got some bounces and didn't get discouraged. I think they've turned a corner.

Like I said, many things to point your finger at, but I don't think a problem in the room is one of them. These players haven't 'quit' on each other like they have at various times the last two seasons.


Three more things to point out:

- I think the word 'stripped' is pretty harsh. Siemens knew he didn't lead the team last year like he needed to. He's the first to admit that. He's taken the high road with the situation and is good buddies with Brenden Walker, the new captain...who also happens to be the nicest guy in the world. I think Lorne Molleken's words of "going in a different leadership direction" is much more suited to the situation.

- Thrower was scratched because of some stupid actions away from the rink. It's happened to other teams and will continue to happen to other teams. It definitely wasn't a distraction to the other players. They know the rules and know that Dalton was 'playing by his own rules', as Lorne put it.

- It was a 10-1 loss, not 10-0.

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