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10-16-2012, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post
I understand that, but I am taking the point of view from the other teams that have been named so far. TB has two goalies in their system who they may want to see play before the make a move like this. They got two young goalies in their system and both are coming back with good marks. Without setting off too big of an arguement. Someone early pointed out the Luongo would help a none-playoff team make the playoffs. Before he joined Vancouver how many playoff games did Florida play with Luongo in the net? I believe in the answer is zero. Not saying that he would not help, but he plays on a good Vancouver team and that has helped raise his worth many peoples eyes. Vancouver has a good top 4 d (will give garrison the benifit of the doubt till he plays) and the top 6 fw are some of the better in the league. How will Luongo react to playing behind the same type of team he played behind in Florida? that is the million buck question
I doubt TB makes a move unless Lindback collapses without Weber-Suter in front of him. Vasilveski is in all likelihood about 6 years from being an NHL starter.

Also, Florida back when Luongo was there is easily worse than any team in the NHL today.

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