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10-16-2012, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by EdTheSabresFan View Post
Kanata and Scotiabank Place are too far away for an urban center.

I'm guessing you've never had to take the 400 series busses? Basically half the city faces a 1.5 hour round trip just to see a game.

Perfect planning. It should have been built where the War Museum is now.

As to it being great to have a nice open green space. That extra 6KM of driving X however thousands of drivers probably damages the environment more than a few green spaces warrants.
There is zero chance it was ever going to be built at Lebreton (where the War Museum is now).

People forget that the only reason we got the team in the first place was because the NHL approved the Senators expansion proposal which very clearly tied the NHL team to a planned real-estate development that should have occurred in the empty fields that surround the then-Palladium/now-SBP. The Sens expansion proposal - that remember, was shocking to the hockey world at the time because Ottawa was considered too small-market and there were much larger cities that were turned down in favor of Ottawa - was approved largely in part because it was thought that the real-estate development that was SUPPOSED to occur around the arena (but never did, due to a myriad of reasons) and the economic boost it would bring with it would help offset Ottawa's small-market status.

Having the arena at Lebreton was NEVER a possibility. Ever.
If the Sens hadn't specifically promoted the Palladium-Kanata real estate plan, we wouldn't have a team right now... so complain all you want about the arena being in Kanata, but the reality of the situation is that if the arena wasn't in Kanata, it wouldn't be ANYWHERE, because we never would have received a team in the first place.

I'd rather drive an hour to see my hometown Sens than drive two hours to see Montreal (a team that as a kid I always disliked, though not as much as the Leafs) play.

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