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10-16-2012, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris21 View Post
Nice seats. How do those work? Do you get the same seats every year? Playoff option?
No. It's just a "mini" ST plan. You get no rights to post season tickets. Just the 11 games in your package.

Originally Posted by Hnidy Hnight View Post
What a home run this lockout was for the fans. No preseason games, and a tuesday night Wild game turns into a great sell as the home opener.
Today's news has me on a optimistic up swing. But definitely cautiously optimistic.

I don't think it's a certainty the games from 11/2 on stay the same, and then they input the missed games into dates that are available. But I suppose it would make sense. As most arenas have other NBA teams and concerts dates scheduled around the NHL dates already in place.

Originally Posted by DKH View Post
we get Parise and Suter and I have Wednesday's off. Agree freaking fantastic (since what is good for me is all that really matters I have to say I could not have drawn this up better; they put the Edy's Ice Cream machine back in and I'm going to put on my Bruins jersey with Jacobs on the back with the big ****ing 1 in green for cash, instead of bears on the side shoulder I have a golden cow imprinted over dollar signs)
love it!

Originally Posted by nickyb View Post
Looks like the folks who chose the loyalty option might have gotten it right!
I hope so. But I don't have unwavering faith in Fehr. i still have this bad feeling he is going to talk the PA into coming back with a ridiculous counter that the owners are going to laugh at. When Fehr said "this is a excellent staring point" I believe the owners likely felt a bit disrespected. The 50/50 split was a big deal to them. The fact that they came to the PA with this means Fehr better not come back and say 52/48 or 53/47 player/owners. if he does this I'd be willing to bet they pull their previous deal all together.

I'm admittedly no expert on the lockout. And I admittedly like Fehr just as much as I like Jacobs. So I'm trying not to hold my breath over the next few days.

Originally Posted by awesomeguy View Post
no chance the Bruins raise prices anyway.
Slim chance. But still a chance imo.

If they play 82 games, or if they play 60-75 games, if the B's win the Cup this year and demand is just as high as it was mid season last year, you don't think Jacabs would raise prices? I have absolutely every expectation he would. The likelihood of us going all the way again is small. But in that scenario one has to believe jacobs would have big dollar signs in his eyes.

As I finish writing this I'm remembering they'll come out with next year's prices some time in March before the playoffs start. So I suppose the post season wouldn't come into play for next season's prices. So I tend to agree with you I guess. Just the same, I put nothing past the greed of JJ.

Originally Posted by Morris Wanchuk View Post
Go given they will play the full 82, I would assume that they come out with a new schedule?
Agreed. Though changing the dates of existing games would be very difficult to do given many arena's schedules over the next six months. between the Celtics and concerts, the Garden doesn't have a lot of open dates to move NHL games to.


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