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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
I thought part of the reason for losing the C had to do with discipline or off ice stuff?

You are saying it is because he didnt lead the team.

Not only did he lose the C, but last I checked he had 2pts in 9games and was -7 or something like that.

This from a mid first round pick two years ago.

Then a second round pick and top player is having discipline problems and gets scratched/suspended for two games? A player who was also struggling?

You seem to just brush this off like its nothing.

It doesnt appear to be nothing, and granted I have no inside info and I dont claim to, but it doesnt look very good.

Also a 10-1 loss at home, from a team that is hosting the Memorial Cup, is a huge red flag.
You can go ahead and point to his stats, or lack thereof, and the things that are happening in the public eye, like him losing his C and say he's not developing like he should be. I'm free to disagree with that.

Him losing the C had to do with lots of things. The 'off ice' stuff was the fact that he was late for two team meetings last season. There was nothing more than that. No 'incidents'.

The problem with that stuff was that it hurt his reputation inside the room. As a young team last year, other guys maybe found it a bit hard to swallow that they had to follow his lead when he couldn't even always be on time for things. For those reasons he butted heads with a few guys, other guys butted heads with other guys and in the end Duncan ended up taking the fall for it. He's ok with it, like I've said. He's manned up and said that he screwed up and is ok with the decision that the team made. He's not mad at anyone besides himself and is embarrassed about it all. It's a tough thing to swallow when now EVERY game this season he steps on the ice and the opposing players ask him about his missing C. With all that being said, he's really matured as a player and person with it all.

As for his stats. He's not a scorer. Was never expected to be and likely won't ever be. He may not have a few points, but the Blades have been outscored by a ton this year, so of course he's not going to have a great stat line. His job is to stop the other team's best players. He's had some tough nights in the +/- category this year, but so has the whole team. You're bound to be a minus player when you lose some tough games like they have. I've seen all of his games this season. He had a tough start but has been much improved since Walker was named captain, so the last few games.

Like I said, to an outsider it might look like he's been a total headache as a player, teammate, captain and draft pick. But, I would disagree wholeheartedly and I feel that I've more than backed up that opinion with facts the last two posts in this thread.

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