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10-17-2012, 12:52 AM
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Originally Posted by CanucksnWpg View Post
How were they asking for raises? They were willing to give up HRR but not a ROLLBACK in salary. How is that asking for raises?

It's not the players faults that these teams are paying them ******** amounts of money. If they can't afford to pay them then they shouldn't own a ****ing team. End of story. I have no sympathy whatsoever for a bunch of greedy ass owners whom most don't give a rats ass about hockey or even know anything about hockey. The only owners I respect are TSNE because they were fans and are committed to their city.
It amazes me that so many people still see this as a battle of the superheros (players) vs the forces of evil (owners), like it was some kind of comic book series. I just watched a few minutes of Michael Landsberg's OTR, where he interviewed a player named Paul Bissonnette. Bissonnette has played 4 seasons in the NHL, has accumulated a grand total of 8 points, 250 penally minutes and has made millions of dollars. Judging from the interview, he is also not exactly a shining example of virtue. The owners don't need a bunch of entitled hockey players to save them from their greed.

Back in the real world, Bettman called this the owners' best offer and i believe him. I doubt they will make any more material concessions and, no doubt, have a number of alternate scenarios planned out. If Fehr continues to brainwash the gullible PA, making them think they are in a fantasy world, fighting bad guys, this could still end badly for them. It'll certainly go down to the wire this time around.

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