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10-17-2012, 02:43 AM
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Originally Posted by chet1926 View Post
Well now that I've had some time to think about the latest happenings here are my thoughts.

I was kind of already on the owners side, now I'm really there. I keep reading comments like, "this is just a ploy to get fans on the owners side" etc. and although there is some truth to this statement, the fact of the matter is at least they are trying to bring back hockey. Whereas the players have done absolutely nothing except make a crummy youtube video telling the fans they want to play. All I can say is lame. The owners really manned up here to try to get a fair deal done ASAP, now its time for the players to man up as well.

Sure the owners offer isn't perfect and will need a couple changes, but for the most part the players couldn't ask for a better deal. If the players can't figure it out in the next week and they aren't playing by 11/2/12, then they will look like crap in the eyes of the public. People will start to wonder if they can't accept a 50/50 revenue breakdown, then what do they want? They will be viewed as unrealistic chumps who aren't grateful for the wonderful opportunity they have to play a kids game for a living and make millions to do it.

Realistically how many non-sport professions can you name where the workers get an equal share of the revenue? I venture to guess very few or none.

The owners literally just caved in and said to the PA we want hockey we don't necessarily want to give you 50% but we are willing to compromise to get the league going again because we know it will be mutually beneficial. If the PA can't work something out off this initial proposal then they need to hire a new leader, because the owners just made it real simple to carve out a fair deal for both sides.
I don't think that's a fair assessment of the PA's response. It's not like they can see the 50-50 offer and immediately say, "deal!" We'll have to see where this leads, and where we're at in a week.

This is what Fehr was waiting for, so we'll have to see what he does now. Bettman's initial ridiculous offer put Fehr in a position that he couldn't offer up a fair first proposal of his own, and couldn't throw out proposals left and right. If he would have, Bettman would have done the same thing he did the last lockout, and the players would have payed the price again.

Now Bettman has finally felt enough pressure to give a 50-50 split, and drop the other ridiculous aspects. He did this to himself. The PA I'm sure will now try to see what they can do with the 5 year max length, and I would bet might settle for something like 7 or 8, but possibly could compromise for less. 5 years max is no small issue though, when there previously was no real restriction in writing.

I really have a hard time understanding why anyone would be on the owners side in this. This is the first reasonable stance they have taken, and I find it interesting that they have a plan to keep an 82 game season. Almost like this was their fail safe date they held out for. Fehr didn't bite, and everyone got jerked around in the whole process while Bettman tried to hit another home run.

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