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10-17-2012, 04:33 AM
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Originally Posted by goldy2266 View Post
This is a classic sell high senario, Everyone one on here likes to infer that no team trades a player when his value is at an all time low.... and I agree that's silly you'd never get true value. The problem is, this is the flip side. You have a guy that has never topped 30 goals in a season, and it's not like he was playing with 3rd or fourth liners in SJ. MM is a speady, strong two-way player. He is not a perenial 30+ goal man..... Ottawa is still a team in transition. I don't beleive they are cup contenders yet, but when they put all of the pieces together they will have one hell of a good team in a couple years. They have an embarsment of riches coming down the pipe line for all of their forward lines. With the prospect pool Ottawa is drawing from I would not worry about 20-30 goals that have to be made up after loosing MM, I'm wanting to add a potential top pairing D-man like Gormley. Top propescts do get traded for this very kind of package. Teams over pay all the time for quality D espesially if it's for one of the best defensive prospects in the NHL... This is a fair proposal and not an overpayment by any means. MM is no scrub, he is like I said a very talented two way forward. This trade would have made FAR more sence before dealing Foligno for Methot. But I'd still make the trade! A two way forward can be replaced easier than a top pairing D...
Except you are forgetting one thing...

Milan Michalek is a fairly young, well established 1st-2nd line winger. If anyone is selling high, it is the Phoenix Coyotes. Quality D? Sure, Gormley is an elite defenseman in the QMJHL, I won't dispute that. To say he is a quality NHL d-man right now, is nothing short of absurd.

Say what you want about Marc Methot, but you can't deny he is an NHL player. Brandon Gormley is not yet an NHL player, there is a reason very good NHL players generally have more value than very good prospects.

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