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10-17-2012, 05:33 AM
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Items not addressed in NHL offer: minimum salary, buyout formulae, possibility of player amnesty. Will be interesting to see them addressed.

This deal isn't a "sign right here" kind of thing, minimum salary is a significant issue, and will need to be negotiated.

The buyout formuale could use some work, which I don't doubt both sides have some ideas on, as it wasn't an effective enough system to get teams to buy-out player contracts, but also substantive enough that the PA will agree to it as fair for them. Of course, the thing that threw a monkey wrench into those works was the AHL loophole. Close that, and they run out of options to stuff these guys in the minors for their careers to rot away. Leaving a buy-out as the real alternative.

Loans to Europe may become possibility the alternate course, and all these lockouts are leaving guys with friends and connections in Europe for them to go.

Player amnesty should only come into play if there's a major economic change in the way teams have to be run, which I don't see happening this time. At any rate 'player amnesty' is code for 'management amnesty' to get a 'get out of jail free' card on a bad contract (or contracts) they signed.

This is where the PR shift comes into play, if the PA starts feeling the heat from fans to get a deal done, they may feel compelled to concede on the issues not addressed by the NHL's proposal, which would all end up favoring the owners.

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