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10-17-2012, 06:45 AM
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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
So I am looking to purchase a 2nd car for myself, to be used in winter most of the time. I'm looking at used subaru's , since they're AWD .. I have a series of questions in my typical unorganized way. Whatever feedback / answers you can provide helps me greatly.

My budget is ~ 5 or 6k but could go up to 8 -10 k if I get really sold on a car. and I don't care about "flashy" style , this is the car I want to drive in the winter, beat up , scratch up and have fun with no worries . I like a boxy looking cars that looks worked in AWD almost a must.

That said, I'm looking at some older AWD Subaru Foresters (I know, not sexy, but AWD and reliable). 1998 - 2003 range. Any opinions on this make? is it Reliable???

I'm also looking at older boxy looking Volvos .. though I'm concerned about cost of repairs ... ?????

I notice on Kijiji some of the dealers have " certified mileage ".

How can an owner / dealer certify mileage? Is it basically looking at the servicing papers and verifying with the dealer? Should I be worried about " fake paperwork"? (ie: guy pays someone at the dealer to produce paperwork for servicing with low mileage -- and then owner gets KM rolled back for him).

My biggest worry -- is buying a car that was rolled back or accidented.

It's been a very long time since I bought a used car but I recall you can check the serial number on the dash to see if it's been into any accidents. I did this once a long time ago -- I don't remember if I ran a serial check with the honda dealer or the SAAQ ... and supposedly now you can do it online??? please

Any help is appreciated!

ps: H10H or other Mod, can you plz make an Auto sticky??? I'm afraid nobody will see my post in here!
You worry too much my friend. Not everyone is out to rip you off. It is awful hard to roll back mileage now, plus, it is jail time if they get caught not too mention losing their license.

To verify paperwork is easy. With each service, the mileage had to be written down, as is with safety inspections. Paper will have that older feel and look to it and all the dates and mileage have to line up. You can also get verified or certified papers. Plus, if you do a little homework, you can find the previous owner and give them a call. Another way people make mistakes trying to forge paperwork is they mistakenly use the same pen and the same person to write stuff up.

Guess what I do for a living? You guessed it, Insurance and claim Fraud Adjuster.

If you want a great car with good mileage, forget the AWD's. Best bang for the buck right now is Hyundai, Honda and Toyota. You cant go wrong with any of those, plus they are decent in the snow, assuming you have good winters on them. Did you know that we dont have to pay insurance out if you were in an accident in the snow, during winter months, if you were riding on summer tires?

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