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Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
Prove to me that any of those weren't from the fact that:
*those are super talented players who score all the time even in non "clutch" moments
*that any of those players were able to raise their game to a "higher level" than they normally do

What separates those moments is that their importance in results, but it doesn't identify that the players rose their compete in those circumstances.

Also, Malkin has not risen his playing level in any measurement for post-season relative to reg-season.
And, I've heard straight from the horses mouth in regards to Paul Henderson
The idea of a "clutch" player or performance is part of the mystic and romanticism of sport. An idea that transends everyday stats. For the average fan sport goes beyond the crunching of numbers. They want/need to believe that despite what the stats say their favorite player/team can rise up and provide that "clutch" performance to bring home the glory.

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