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10-17-2012, 08:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Ronald Dubinsky View Post
Yankees offseason checklist:

- Fire Kevin Long

- Get rid of Swisher

- Get rid of Granderson

- Get rid of A-Rod. If they can't, bury him in the minors or bench him until he retires. He's a washed up minor leaguer at this point.
Bit of a contradiction here. You want to fire Long. That implies the stagnant offense is the hitting coach's fault. Then you want to get rid of three (at least two) of the team's purported offensive weapons. So which is it? The hitting coach underachieving or those guys underachieving?

I didn't hear many people complaining about Long when Granderson was hitting 43 HRs with 106 RBI or when Swisher was hitting 24 HRs with 93 RBI.

Love to know how you think they are going to get rid of A-Rod when he's still owed 114M.

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