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10-17-2012, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Intoewsables View Post
So true. This game just never seems to die for whatever reason. I tend to forget about it for a little while and then I'll be bored one day and end up playing for weeks and weeks.

I don't know how you manage to get so far into your save games though. I usually lose interest after like 10 years and end up starting a new game.
I was always like you, my friend. I made a conscious effort to stick with it! I restarted my file one time in the last year. I started the file last December on my new laptop and restarted it once to insert the perfect player. I've made a few upgrades to the DB since then but I'm not gonna restart it until my file corrupts or whatever. I always end up downloading cool databases like the 74/75 or 98/99 but I only let myself fool around in the NHL as a test file, otherwise I get like how I was where I forget what's going on in my mainfile and I forget my plan. That's the hardest thing for me going back to an old file... remembering what you were doing.

I've only been in the game for about 15 or so seasons. I've won 10 cups, and lost out in the playoffs once. Then I spent 4 seasons with the Brandon Wheat Kings. I plan to stick around another ~10 seasons with the Habs before going back to junior, Europe, AHL or another NHL team. I'll probably do a multiple of those before going back to the NHL. It's fun to switch it up.

I've got a few guys like my Forsberg regen who is an upcoming UFA and wants 8 mil+... I might have to cheat and use the 56k bug or I might simply let him go be a star on another team and call someone else up for my 2nd line LW role.

I will admit, I miss seeing the NHL names that I actually know.

Edit: Also, how do you have the Selanne and Chara regens in 2010? They'd have to have retired in 2008... For myself, I just drafted the Chara regen in 2022. He was projected for around ~30 if I recall correctly, so I snagged him and he's already jumped at least 2-3 points in a lot of attributes. Same with my 2nd round Hossa regen.

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